Marco Flores Dance Company avoids preestablished trends, it struggles to keep a language of its own. Its productions are built upon absolute creative freedom, setting themselves apart from any aesthetic cliché be it classical or modern.

Under this undoubtable premise of creative autonomy and personal imprint, each artistic project has a distinct approach according to its aim and artistic crew.

“DeFlamencas”, the company´s first show premiered in 2010, it was a praise and a claim to the female world in Flamenco. ¨Tránsito¨ the company´s second scenic creation is an introspective interval where Flores reflects upon his own artistic universe. In 2013, inspiration came from events and relationships that occur between men. “Laberíntica” is a pioneering proposal based on the vindication of the LGBT subject in flamenco.

The next production “Paso a Dos” (2015), similarly to ¨Tránsito¨, is a bridging work that pays homage to duo dancing while taking the opportunity to share the stage with renowned dancer Olga Pericet.

In 2016 “Entrar al Juego” fuelled by a desire to bring together performers from different ages, cultural roots, dance techniques and other artistic disciplines into a common project, freeing them from hierarchical roles that are often established according to age and origins.

In “Fase Alterna” the performer´s body is unfolded as the main focus of the show. We will see how each and every one of the bodies of the performers that appear on stage evolve, change and surprise us when they meddle in the different dimensions that the show explores.

“Extrema” is the latest artistic venture the company has gone into. Marco Flores proposes a piece that seeks extremes or contrary concepts, which approach or move away showing new forms of themselves: heterodox-orthodox, physical-emotional, unisexual-androgen…

MARCO FLORES DANCE COMPANY is a Company in Residence at Teatros del Canal in Madrid. It has been a recipient of awards such as: The Specialized Critics Award in Festival de Jerez. In just over seven years the company has reached international acclaim. Its shows have taken part in numerous festivals and theatres such as: Dusseldorf Tanzhaus, Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, London Sadler’s Wells, Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville, Festival de Albuquerque (USA), Gothenburg Theatre, Kuopio Dance Festival (Finland), Festival de Jerez, Festival Flamenco Madrid, Bienal de Sevilla, Suzanne Dellal in Tel Aviv, …